Monday, 1 June 2015

Month in Pictures

May was such an amazing month! I can't believe all of the stuff I managed to cram into one month, friends, Disney, nieces and more friends!

1. Vintage caravan dreaming at a country fair
2. Celebrating my favourite Irish's Birthday in Liverpool
3. New Business Cards, Labels and branding for Sally Makes Art on Etsy
4. She may only be 2 1/2 but she loves a selfie!
5. All ready and packed for our Disney adventure
6. The most magical place....Disneyland!
7. A bit of casual sightseeing on a Thursday afternoon
8. First BBQ of the year. Glowing in this picture...Not glowing the next day.
9. Posting pictures of pretty flowers and not wanting to go to work!

I don't have much planned for June so it's going to be a lot calmer. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not?! I love seeing so many of my friends and I'm making the most of it before next year when I am totally swamped with work from my new Uni course. More on that later! 

Goodbye May, you've been amazing!

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