Monday, 9 February 2015

Month in Pictures

I haven't done a month in pictures for agesssss! It's mainly because some of my months I didn't take any pictures other than of craft things and then as I put it off the months snowballed. I am hoping to get back on track now and the month of January wasn't filled with the usual blues!

1. There's nothing better than starting a new diary on the 1st.
2. School trips are a perk of the job
3. It's been a while since we have been on a country walk together like we used to.
4. Finally finished my scrapbook of the last 3 years!
5. Using my new Oh No Rachio book with the perfect sentiment. It's about moments and people not things and money.
6. This month has been a major scrapbooking month!
7. The first time I visited Emma at uni 6 YEARS AGO!
8. Starting early for Emma's 25th birthday.
9 Nottingham girls!

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