Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Scrapbooking - 2012 ,2013 & 2014

I LOVE looking at photos and keeping all of my memories in albums but since going to University and getting into blogging I have discovered the art of scrapbooking. I'm not talking about simply sticking in photos and writing a little date next to it. Oh no. With the likes of Amy Tangerine and Project life making scrapbooking not only accessible but fashionable, I, Like many others have become a tad obsessed.

So, if you have followed my blog at all then you might remember my post about finishing my University scrapbook once and for all back in March which you can see here. Then I didn't do any scrapbooking for ages and I started to think ' Why did I document my life at University but stop as soon as it was over?!' There have been so many great things happen since I left University that I felt they needed documenting too so I'm going to show you some pages and details of my 3 year scrapbook that I've just finished!

Sometimes I wanted to document a day or evening where there weren't many photos. I used some carnival tickets which I had left over from another DIY project to add extra detail to the backgroun.
For each title page I wanted them to be quite eclectic and just reflect keeping memories. I love this journaling card which was from a Carta Bella 12x12 page which I got from a seller called craftie-charlie of eBay.
I really like adding little details to each page. This little sticker was from an Echo Park sticker sheet which was called 'Capture Life''. I think it sums up weekends like this perfectly!
I used to be quite a neat freak when it came to scrapbooking and if you look at my pages from years ago and now you will see that I add so many more textures and patterns on top of each other. The page above I actually combined two different trips onto one page because the photos looked good together!
I LOVE project life journaling cards at the moment but I don't like the price! I think they RPR at about £29.99 n Hobbycraft for a brand new full set of journaling cards. I would love to do project life but I can't justify the costs so instead I buy part packs of cards off of eBay. I bought these black and white cards from a random seller who had quite a lot left over from a project but I have since found (and ordered from) Little Scraps on eBay. They provide great service and have lots of part packs so you can mix and match.
Again here I have used  a project life card as the main focus but I have other details such as the date stickers and even the ruler at the top has the month of my birthday in it. 

I hope you checked out the links of the places where I bought the lovely stickers and journaling cards from. I am going to be doing a post on how to get into scrapbooking and the essentials you really need so check back for that very soon!

Whee do you get your scrapbooking supplies from?


  1. Great pages! Thanks for the kind mention and I'm glad that you are enjoying scrapbooking so much - it's definitely addictive! Helen - Little Scraps xx

  2. What a wonderful scrapbook! You are so going to love it forever. I love your paper choices, and just how fun it is!