Sunday, 30 November 2014

Renegade Craft Fair 2014

It's just over a week since I went to Renegade Craft Fair in London and so far all of the lovely things I've picked up have stayed in their bags because I've been so busy. So on my first weekend off in ages, I thought I would show you what I bought!

It didn't take me long to buy something and one of the first stalls I came to was Woah There Pickel who I had seen online before but I have never gotten round to ordering for some reason. Lucky for me Vicky (Owner and maker of WTP) had the cards I had my eye on in a multipack. Hurrah! If you're not English you probably don't get the significance of these cards but it's a well known phrase and calling someone treacle is a pet name. It's also a famous brand of treacle...clever huh? I also bought a little badge but I can't really show that as it's part of a Christmas present and the person will most likely see my blog from now until Christmas! 

Again this was another stall I was eagerly looking for as I have followed Rachel and her company online for quite some time (in an un-stalkerish way!) There were lots of things I could have bought, namely her hand illustrated 'I love you to the moon and back' plates but I was conscious that I would be carrying it around all day after the fair. So I spotted this little book in her sale section and I just had to have it. It's quite small with a hardcover and the phrase is something I am always trying to do through scrapbooks and photos. So excited to start filling it with photos, notes and tickets to keep my memories safe.

I loved Bel's stall and her prints were just divine! The colours and her style of illustrating are adorable and make me wish I had a child just so I could decorate their room with her wonderful prints. If I was allowed to hang any more pictures in my flat I would have bought one of her big prints for myself but alas I can't so I made do with two little postcards which I doubt I will ever send because they are too nice!

If you have been on my blog before or follow me on Instagram you will know that I like a hell of a lot of Oh Squirrel's pictures and blogged about her stall last year. So it was lovely to a) stock up on lovely things again and b) that Katie remembered who I was. Naww. So above are all of the things I bought minus the little purse I got (It's already in my bag being used and I totally forgot!) I also included the bag it came in and her business card/tag of sorts because they are all just too lovely. As you can see I got some pencils which are for a secret Santa but I am going to struggle to give them away. I also got a list notebook which is a present for a friend so I hope she doesn't see this! Because I bought quite a few little bits, Katie was kind enough to throw in a little lucky dip bag which contained the Thank you and Happy Birthday card, as well as the Crafty So & So badge you can see in the bottom left hand corner. 

It's nice to see independent businesses doing so well for themselves and seeing so many people turn up to a craft fair! I am already planning on going again next year for the third time in a row.