Monday, 9 June 2014

Whats on my Bookshelf?

Hello there on this gloriously sunny Monday! I was flicking through my bookshelf and came across this beauty of a book which I had to pull out show you all! Perfect coffee table book!

You are so loved is a small book that contains art from different designers, illustrators and artists  around the world who all have a positive message they want to get across. This book is the sequel to the much loved Everything is going to be OK which I also bought and featured wayyy back in the beginning of my blog. At just A5 size and a mere £6.20 from Amazon, you would be silly not to get this pastel coloured bundle of joy in your life.

I picked this double page because of the piece on the right by Dominique Falla, who is an Australian artist/designer who mainly works with typography. Not only do I love good typography and the aesthetic of this piece but the message behind it. More often than not people just think we are all so separate and forget that someone else out there is going through and doing the same things as us. We are all connected in some way and maybe it's time to realise that we don't have to go it alone.

I like this little gem by Jen Renninger, the artist who did the cover for Everything is going to be OK.

I think one of my favourites in the whole book, if not the favourite, is this piece by Julia Rothman. I love the detail in the illustration and how she has picked and stuck to a limited colour palette. The text seemed to really hit home when I read it. It's easy to forget that the small things we do will one day amount to something bigger. In a time when some things seem impossible, our future doesn't seem bright and the next generation are going to be faced with even bigger problems, we have to continue to make meaningful art, do meaningful things and have meaningful conversations. Maybe sometimes they won't amount to anything but often just the smallest conversation or idea could start something huge.

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