Monday, 9 June 2014

Whats on my Bookshelf?

Hello there on this gloriously sunny Monday! I was flicking through my bookshelf and came across this beauty of a book which I had to pull out show you all! Perfect coffee table book!

You are so loved is a small book that contains art from different designers, illustrators and artists  around the world who all have a positive message they want to get across. This book is the sequel to the much loved Everything is going to be OK which I also bought and featured wayyy back in the beginning of my blog. At just A5 size and a mere £6.20 from Amazon, you would be silly not to get this pastel coloured bundle of joy in your life.

I picked this double page because of the piece on the right by Dominique Falla, who is an Australian artist/designer who mainly works with typography. Not only do I love good typography and the aesthetic of this piece but the message behind it. More often than not people just think we are all so separate and forget that someone else out there is going through and doing the same things as us. We are all connected in some way and maybe it's time to realise that we don't have to go it alone.

I like this little gem by Jen Renninger, the artist who did the cover for Everything is going to be OK.

I think one of my favourites in the whole book, if not the favourite, is this piece by Julia Rothman. I love the detail in the illustration and how she has picked and stuck to a limited colour palette. The text seemed to really hit home when I read it. It's easy to forget that the small things we do will one day amount to something bigger. In a time when some things seem impossible, our future doesn't seem bright and the next generation are going to be faced with even bigger problems, we have to continue to make meaningful art, do meaningful things and have meaningful conversations. Maybe sometimes they won't amount to anything but often just the smallest conversation or idea could start something huge.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Craft Haul

It's been a long time since I've done a craft haul. So long in fact that I thought I had done this one and only just discovered that I hadn't! So although it is a little bit old, most of the things are still available or a variation. I guess you could say this is mainly a scrapbooking/snailmail haul and have used all of these things many times!

This is the second washi tape sticker set I have bought but I got this one from China. I LOVE these! You get a series of long strips, shorter strips and round dot circles stickers on each sheet which you just peel off and stick to whatever you want. I use them for sealing envelopes, adding detail to scrapbooks and sticking the corners of photos down like an old photo corner.You can buy this one here for the bargain price of £1.79, you just have to wait a few weeks for delivery!

I hate to say it but these two are no longer available! I really dislike how Paperchase gets rid of things off their website as soon as they are out of stock or season and your only hope is to visit every store until you find what you are looking for! But anyway, the tapes don't need much explanation, they are decorative washi tape each with fairytale and woodland themes on. Tres cute.

As for the stamps, these weren't cheap at £8.00 I think but they were so worth it! I have used them so much and it's rare to get a full alphabet set that is this size. Unfortunately, they don't have them online anymore but I'm sure I have seen them in stores recently!

These are all a bit random but they are all 'bits' that don't really need their own photo! You can get these little arrows anywhere but I know Paperchase do them for the same price as they are in Wilkinsons so if you want them online you can get them by clicking the link above. They are good for highlighting things in scrapbooks and pointing out details that you don't want to be missed. The scissors were abut £1.50 I think, also from Wilkinsons but I went through a phase of loving scalloped edges so that influenced these!

You can get loads of types of washi tape and ink pads online but I bought these two, and lots of my other washi tapes from this seller. 
As for the ink, they are pretty cheap at under £2.00 each but a lot of sellers do deals on postage for the more you buy or even buy 5 get one free etc. So just search for it!

I hope you have liked my little (late) crafthaul! What will you be making this week?

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Month in Pictures

May was a lovely month (even some lovely weather!) but it was over very quickly! As I write this the clouds have cleared and the sun in shining so I'm hoping my busy June will be nice and summery.

1. Another custom wedding papercut for an upcoming wedding. Of course I can't show it until after the big day!
2. Family day out at a local country fair.
3. My new Irish set of cards available in my Etsy shop!
4. An Anniversary DIY Tutorial on the blog - How to make love coupons.
5. One of my favourite little ladies turned 4 this month. Oh how time is flying!
6. My little blog had it's 1 year Birthday!
7. Beach Treats
8. I entered a competition with Interflora and I won - read about it here
9. I launched a new range of cards in my Etsy shop called the Seaside Collection.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Guess what? I'm having a sale!

I need to make way for some new products that I am working on so I'm having a little sale over at my Etsy shop

Follow the link to find envelopes, handmade pencils, wooden hanging ornaments and artwork all reduced!