Friday, 23 May 2014

My Spring/Summer Wishlist

I have been window shopping (Or webpage shopping perhaps?) since the spring/summer lines came in because money is tight! So I thought I would combine my product lust with a wishlist post showing you all of the lovely things I would buy if I could!

1. I love love love this skirt from River Island! Pineapple print is everywhere which is just my luck because I love a good print! And it's only £25.00!

2. I have quite a few cameras that I or my lovely boyfriend has bought me so it's no surprise that I want a Fuji Instax camera. They are the latest Polaroid camera but the only problem is is that the film is so expensive.The camera itself isn't bad at £56.00 but until they bring down the price of film it doesn't seem worth it.

3. There is only one word for this tea set and that is DREAMY! Oh my gosh. It's quite an odd combination of colours but I'm not sure if it's the heart saucers or the pastels but I love it. At nearly £40 though for 6 cups it is definitely staying on the wishlist for now.

4. I was bought some flamingo tumblers for my birthday the other year but one of them broke recently so I have been on the hunt for a replacement. I came across these when George, ASDA launched their home range recently and you can also get pineapple print (obsessed) for only £2.50. These I definitely will be getting.

5. I am not allowed to buy any more cushions because my boyfirend thinks we have too many as it is but that doesn't stop me looking. I love a good phrase so that also translates to my furnishings now and I think this is just really cute from Tesco. Plus it's a fiver!

6.  I have never ordered from Modcloth but despite that I spend too much time browsing it and wishing I could add everything to my cart. This dress is something else though. There are certain dresses that I think might have been made for me and this is one of them. Got a little hint of this years fruit trend that seems to be everywhere too. But at £65.00 I need to hope it comes on sale soon.

7. We are looking for a summer holiday at the moment and I am still catching up on Septembers scrapbook so I am in full holiday scrapbooking mode at the moment. I have tried other size, shape and brands of scrapbook but I just can't beat Paperchase! It was hard to pick but I love maps (you might have guessed) so this one is next on my list. £10.00 is also a bargain for the quality and size you get too.

8. When I think of a one piece swimsuit unfortunately I think of my old Adidas one that is highly unflattering or one that my mum would wear. Lately I have really wanted a nice one piece to go swimming in that doesn't make me look like an awkward teenager so I was pleasantly surprised that lots of shops have started doing 'trendy' one pieces. This one from Topshop is a little steep at £36.00 but I still love it and it's got a nice retro look to it.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Pinterest - My Interflora Competition Entry!

Ok hands up, who here spends their time planning and pinning their future house, dreamy hairstyles to copy and craft projects they plan on doing? Well if you do then I imagine you also have Pinterest! Ahhh the website of endless possibilities and 'Why didn't I think of that?' moments. So as a serial Pinner I was contacted by Interflora (For all of you readers outside of the UK it's the top site for flower deliveries here!) to enter their latest competition. 

To enter the competition all you have to do is create a Pinterest board entitled 'My Interflora Garden' and fill it with everything you would want in your dream garden. Then you go to their own Pinterest page here, click on the album titled Chelsea Flower Show Competition  and pin the competition rules to your board. It's the first pin on the left in my image above! Do this by Friday the 16th of May and you could win tickets to the Chelsea Flower show in London or one of their beautiful bouquets!

“I am sure there is Magic in everything, only we have not sense enough to get hold of it and make it do things for us” ― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

As soon as I was contacted I knew exactly how my dream garden would be. As a child I was lucky to have a big garden with lots of things to explore in it. I climbed tree's, I made secret den's, I jumped across streams. Everything seemed so magical to me back then and around every corner was something hidden and waiting for my to discover. I still feel a little bit of that magic now if I'm out walking and I discover a little archway or an abandoned tree house. I instantly thought of the secret garden and found this quote from it which I think sums up everything I think of when I think of my dream garden. 

To see the full board click the link and to see all of my boards click here.

If you would like to enter you still have time! Head to Interflora's Pinterest or for more general information on the competition, the prizes or even the Chelsea Flower show head to Interflora's website.

Happy Pinning!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Month in Pictures

April was a super busy month and I got to see lots of people who I don't usually see because we live far away from each other!

1. Finding these Katie Daisy notecards in TK Maxx for the bargain price of £4.99. Have you ever seen something on a shelf and actually grabbed it before someone else nearby does? Yep, this was me.
2. A nice little trip to the zoo! We do love the zoo!
3. Visited Cambridge for the day with a friend who had never been that far south!
4. Got a lovely letter from a new Swedish friend.
5. So much birthday love for my uni roomie who I miss <3
6. Spent Easter Sunday exploring Scarborough castle.
7. Celebrated our 7th Anniversary :)
8. The Queen celebrated her 88th Birthday which prompted me to find these zines I made as part of a uni project.

I hope you all enjoyed April as much as I did!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Happy 1st Birthday to my blog!

Wow! I can't believe it has been a whole year today since I took the plunge and started this blog, Sally Makes Art! I know it's a cliche that I never used to believe when I was younger let alone think I would say most months but time really is going so fast! I thought to mark the occasion (Instead of a giant cake all for myself!) I would reflect on the things I have learnt since starting this blog. If any of you have started a blog from scratch I think you will agree there is so much more you don't know than you do when you begin!

Blog posts can take a long time to put together

This one was probably me being naive but I didn't realise how long it can take to put together a good post! I knew that vlogging and fashion/make-up tutorials would take time to put together but crafts? Pfft! Who knew you could spend a whole day just photographing and editing photos to get the right angle?

You see potential posts in everything

When I first started there wasn't many 'lifestyle' posts about me or what I was doing other than the craft side of my life but as I have gone on I have found myself dipping in and out of this style of post. I think everyone has the initial fear that their life really isn't that interesting and everyone else seems to find the best shops, cafes and bars to take amazing photos in but saying that, some of my 'lifestyle' posts have proved quite popular!

Internet spam

I'm not talking about e-mails and trolling but one big shock was the discovery that there are spam websites set up to give you fake traffic! This was not only shocking as to why people would bother but really disheartening in the beginning because there's nothing you can do about it and it taints your real traffic. For anyone out there who has this problem, don't click the links and wait it out. I now have more real traffic on a monthly basis than spam. Hurrah!

Blogging vs Full time work

This has been a tricky one because I've only been juggling both since January but I've already noticed that it gets harder to set aside time in the evening or at a weekend to just sit and blog. I have a very full life with two jobs, being a member of an orchestra, running a house, seeing friends and family and my constant attempt to get fit so I have to sometimes force myself to sit and edit photos or just come up with ideas.

Small Success'

It's really easy to compare yourself to the big time bloggers and vloggers out there but you have to remember how long they have been doing it and more often than not, when they started it wasn't trendy! Don't get me wrong I have sat and poured over perfect pictures, amazing layouts and seemingly flawless hair in every shot but hey, I have nearly 10,000 views now and to me that's great. It's like anything, you have to celebrate the small success' along the way and gradually you will get there!

HTML coding

The dreaded topic for people starting out. How do you learn it? Should I just pay someone to do my blog for me? Here's the answer....YOU CAN DO IT! It may seem scary but if you have ever had a Myspace page (Come on, everyone admit it) then you probably know more basic HTML coding than you think. I had a little knowledge behind me but I will be honest, in the beginning I spent days on end studying and watching Youtube videos on how to do all of the little things I wanted to do to customise my blog. It took time and I had a few meltdowns along the way when things just would not go the way I wanted but in the end I have a  blog I'm proud of.

New Opportunities

I'm not talking about my big break here with my picture in a magazine but blogging has brought some new opportunities my way. I have been contacted to enter competitions based on the look and content of my blog, I've been asked to do an interview by a fellow blogger, featured on different blogs and sites and opened my own Etsy shop which is growing in sales all of the time. All of these little things wouldn't have happened if I didn't have my blog!

I'm still here!

There's always the little voice in your head saying maybe it won't work or you lose interest. But no, I'm still here and I still love blogging!

How long have you had your blog? Do you remember what you learnt in your first year of blogging?

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

10% off in my Etsy store!

To celebrate the upcoming 1st birthday of my blog I have a little treat for all of you who have commented, shared, recommended and liked along the way.

Head over to my Etsy page, pick out a treat and enter the coupon code 'BLOGBIRTHDAY' at the checkout to receive 10% off your order!

It's as simple as that. I hope you all find something you like and if you are in England are enjoying the sunny bank holiday! Yet another reason to celebrate!

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