Sunday, 23 February 2014

DIY Tutorial: How to decoupage drawers (Or other wooden furniture!)

So with the shop and hosting my first giveaway (How to enter here!) I have felt really busy but have managed to finally get round to doing this tutorial. I have had these drawers for at least 6 months, unused and plain just waiting for me to decorate them and finally I have done it! I'm also going to show you how because it's really simple!

What you will need:

1. Scrapbook paper or any type of paper you want to cover your draws in.
2. General pencil case - Scissors, pencil and rubber
3. Paintbrush 
4. Mod Podge or a strong PVA glue
5. Plain, untreated wood drawers - Mine are from IKEA

I also use a scalpel in this tutorial but it depends on how neat at cutting out you are as to whether you need it!

First you need to measure out your drawers on your paper. For me this was extra important because I wanted my image to be continuous and try and line it up over all of the draws. This isn't so essential if you are using different paper or are not fussed. If you have this exact set of draws then I can tell you that all 6 draws fit on a standard sheet of craft paper from a craft pad. So all you need to do is take out a draw and draw round the front edge.

Once you have drawn round the drawerss (you can just use the same one over and over if they are all the same side) You are ready to paste them onto the front of your drawers. You can see in the background that I laid mine out first so each piece was the right way around and everything match up. Notice that I haven't cut out the 'finger hole' yet on the front of my drawers. If you're good at cutting neatly go for it and skip the scalpel step further down!

Now you have all of your drawers done you need to stand them on the back face and add some weighted to the top to allow the glue to really set and stick. Then you have it to dry fully, don't be tempted to rush it!

This is the only slightly tricky part of the whole thing. Remember I mentioned a scalpel at the beginning as an optional tool? Well here are your options. If you are very good at cutting and measuring, you can go ahead and cut out your front shape using scissors and don't have to worry about having that pesky bit of wood that isn't covered because you went wonky! If you're like me, with the best will in the world sometimes your cutting skills aren't on point, allow a little excess and then trim the edges with a scalpel on a mat like in the picture above.

Then all you have to do it put the drawers back in (In the right order if it matters!) and fill it will lots of little things! Mine contains purely craft things so I have a draw for washi tape, a draw of little notebooks and 2 for get the idea!

It's really easy to do and you could go further by painting the outside of the drawers and the unit or why not cover the whole thing? I will be doing a tutorial on decoupaging letters so if you want to know more keep checking back for that!


  1. Nice project, I believe it's spelt drawers though.

    1. You are right, Well spotted! Spelling has always go the better of me!

  2. Great idea! We've got the exact same drawers. I might have to try this!