Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Weekend in Bath

Last weekend my Boyfriend and I went to Bath to celebrate Valentines day and his 25th Birthday which is this week. I swore I would never plan another surprise after he has found out about the last 4 surprises I have planned for him but this time it was a total surprise! That and we have only spent 1 Valentines day together in the nearly 7 years we have been together due to me being at uni or working! Boo!

 We just went for one night, arriving on Saturday and that was probably enough for us to 'see Bath'. Pretty much the first thing we did was go and see the Roman Baths, you kind of have to do these things. Plus we love a good bit of history! Very pretty and quite hard to believe when you are walking around that the Romans build these buildings without machines, invented water pipes and dug down deep enough to expose near boiling water. Clever eh?


We then went to see some more of the cities famous sites including the Royal Crescent, one of the greatest examples of Georgian architecture in the UK. It originally was 30 terraced houses but now it includes a hotel, museum and some flats and offices. It's a really impressive site and I wish we could have stayed in such a fancy hotel! If only money was endless!

Sunday was a glorious day for weather; forget the rain and the grey of recent weeks the sun was out and shining and lets be honest, everywhere looks even better in the sunshine doesn't it? We mainly spent the day shopping and walking through little streets. I love cities that have lots of little querks and history and Bath is definitely one of those cities. We then went to see the Pulteney Bridge and walked along the (very full) river. Perfect end to a lovely weekend.

I would highly recommend Bath if you want a relaxed city break. It's a very compact city so everything you want to see and do is right in the centre so I would recommend getting a hotel as close the centre as possible so you can just walk out and don't have to worry about driving or transport in and out. Hopefully we can go back in the warmer weather sometime!

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  1. Bath is a beautiful city, I lived in bath for a year and it was great. Theres so much to see, art gallerys, museums, parks and great places to eat. I was jealous when I saw this post hope you had a lovely time - sounds like you did x