Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Autumn Haul - First Post of October

I was really naughty last month and bought quite a few things! Usually I am really good with my budget but I had a little bit of holiday money left over and decided to see what new stuff was in the shops. I love Autumn and the fashion is my favourite of the year because of the colours and textures that you get together. I thought I'll show you the things I bought in the photo above as I can't wait to wear them this season.

H&M Dress - £14.99
Primark Necklace - £4.00

Primark Clutch Bag- £4.00 (I think...maybe £6!)
Primark Skirt - £12
Collar Clips from Topman! - £2 (On sale from £10)
Primark Boots - £16
If you saw my post on my Autum Wishlist you will remember a similar pair of boots from New Look and I was all set to buy them but they weren't comfy. So my next stop was Primark and low and behold there were boots that looked pretty similar (and a bit cheaper too!) I didn't need the bag and the necklace but I love statement necklaces at the moment and they look great layered with jumpers and collars. Who can resist?

What are your favourite Autumn buys?

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