Monday, 16 September 2013

Wedding Gifts and The Special Day

 The Gifts...

 So just over a week ago I attended my friends wedding reception and it was lovely! They were engaged for nearly 2 years and the big day finally was upon us after many conversations over colours, cake and her dress (which was just as amazing as she described!)

We met at university, on the first day of moving in we both walked out of our dorm rooms and were face to face with each other. Not knowing at this point that we would be really good friends and 5 years on I would be attending her wedding! Oh the lovelyness. She's also my first friend to get married so I spent quite a long time picking and wrapping the perfect presents.

 Everyone knows I love wrapping presents but weddings are especially fun because you can add extra hearts and love (anyone feeling sick yet?) I'm going through a brown paper phase at the moment so when I found this paper with added silver holographic spots in Marks & Spencers, It made my mind up that colour wasn't going to feature in this wrapping. 

Does anyone else think of wrapping themes here or do I take things way too far?

Anyway, I kept it really simple and used paper doilies as the gift tags and did one with each of their initials on. This present won't be featured in this post because it's pretty special so will be posting about it separately soon!

How amazing is this card?! Again Marks and Spencers (for all you Non-Brits, it's not a very cool shop and your mum is more likely to shop there than you. But in recent years they have really upped their game and the cards and gift wrapping they do are some of the best!) have delivered some lovely and I think pretty cool cards. Wedding cards can sometimes look a little old and dated but I saw this and had to have it. The illustrations are just the cutest and the detail is great. There's quite a few cards in this style for different occasions so if anyone knows me, expect a card of this style soon.

This is one of the presents (the other one I'm being very cloak and dagger about at the moment!) and it's a fun set of mugs for the new Mr and Mrs. I knew she would like these because it's no secret that the Bride knows what she wants so I thought they would find it quite funny. Plus every newlyweds need Mr and Mrs novelty gifts don't they? Again these were from Marks & Spencers, I swear I don't usually buy everything from the same shop.

The Wedding!

 I wanted to share a few pictures of the reception and all of the little details they put into their decorations. My favourite part was a Wish Tree which was a lovely alternative to a guestbook where guests were invited to write a message to the happy couple of the back of little hearts and hang them on one of the lit up tree's in the room. Such a great idea and I loved leaving a message (or 2!) on the tree for them to find later on.  I couldn't complete this post without featuring a picture of the lovely bride so you can all marvel at how beautiful and glowing she is...oh and that's me with her!

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