Sunday, 29 September 2013

Good Mail Day: Todays Suprise Parcel

Today I received a lovely parcel from my uni friend Becca. It's so nice to receive an unexpected letter or parcel in the post and this one was full of lovely crafty delights! I'm so excited that I just have to share the amazing goodies that were inside!

I got through the first layer of the package and it wasn't long until I was laughing! The photo was taken in Liverpool nearly 2 years ago on a trip to see some galleries and we came across Dali's Lobster Phone in the Tate. We thought it was hilarious quite frankly and doing an art course wondered what would happen if we handed this piece of 'art' in to be assessed!

So these are all of the goodies that I got! It's always a shock to receive gifts when you least expect it, especially through the post. I think everything came from Hobbycraft which I have shockingly only been to a few times.

These alphabet stickers or 'thickers' as they're called are chipboard letters covered in a map print. I love everything map covered and can't wait to use these in my travel scrapbooks.

Tiny Dovecraft alphabet stamps...perfect for scrapbooking and a new (and quite big) project that's in the works!

I love post-its and these are some of the best ones I've ever seen! They are motivational and nostalgic all at the same time and I will use these in the day to day diary to remind me for things or in scrapbooking.

Who doesn't love a cute notebook? Again, this is something I've never seen before but it's like a bit luggage label and has a mini one as the actual label. Also, going through a brown paper phase at the moment so this is just lovely.

Finally, some Washi tape! Because you can't have enough Washi tape! This has little phrases on like you can see above and I can't wait to wrap presents with it and use it to highlight certain things in scrapbook and notebooks.

Thank you my lovely friend, it always reminds me that I'm lucky to have people like this in my life. I only wish I could see them more! Will be making lots of things soon :)

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