Tuesday, 24 September 2013

DIY Tutorial: How To Make Pompoms And Use Them In Giftwrapping

Does everyone remember making pompoms when they were kids? Wrapping wool around two cardboard doughnuts for what seems likes forever? Well I've noticed that pompom's are cropping up everywhere wedding decorations, garlands and especially in gift wrapping.

So I'm going to show you a really simple and quick way of making pompoms and how I used them to decorate a present I recently gave to a friend who was moving to London.

Begin by wrapping the wool around your hand many times
When you have a good amount of wool wrapped round, carefully take it off your hand so you have something that looks like this

Cut a length of wool and carefully place your wrapped wool onto the new strand
Tie the wool as tight as possible and cut the lose ends off
Cut through each loop so you have lose ends
Trim the ends so you have a nice round pompom and fluff it up. Done!
Because my friend was moving to London and it's her first time moving away from home since uni (it doesn't count!) I wanted to put together a little London inspired packaged with some new home goodies inside.

I covered a shoe box in brown paper and the top in a London underground paper that I got from Tesco. It was a lucky find as it was reduced to something silly like 23p! I then tied some bakers twine around the box and finished it off with the red pompom.

Close up of the paper - love the party words instead of tube stops!

Little extra parcels to open inside

1. Set of plates - Tesco
2. London themed mugs - Tesco
3. Tube pass -Accessorise
4. Tea Towel - Primark

My friend loved her presents and I'm excited to go and visit her and have to London inspired posts on my blog! 

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