Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Brussels Street Art

I love spotting good street art here in England so when I'm abroad I'm always on the look out for little gems from their local artists. I first started to really take note of Street Art when I moved to Sheffield, home of Kid Acne and Phlegm. Then on a trip to Berlin with uni in 2010, the current art capital of Europe, I became fascinated.

Brussels was no different. Without dragging my boyfriend on a street art scavenger hunt, I managed to see some of Brussels street art and want to share what I saw! 


So here in England we have Banksy, Belgium have Bonom! Since 2006 he has been picking grey basic buildings to draw his larger than life skeletal characters on. I found these 3 while out and about and they are huge: I have no idea how he does them on that sort of scale. He generally paints skeletal animals and gaunt, sketchy people and the reason I captured them was because I like his style and the locations he picks for them.

A little bit different to the usual spray can or stencil street art that we're used to seeing but non the less this is street art! I started to find these as we went further out of the city centre and I probably saw about 6 overall dotted around the streets. I can't seem to find an artists or a story behind them but they are little mosaics built into the floor depicting everyday scenes. I love coming across little quirks like this and enjoyed finding new ones and seeing what the story was.

Again this is just a random piece that I happened to come across while admiring the view behind it. It's really unfortunate that someones decided to draw over the top of it and it looks like someone has tried to clean it off but taken some of the original gold with it. Anyway the phrase says 'I believe there is an absolute truth' which could mean anything or nothing to different people. It reminded me of Jenny Holzer's work who I admired throughout uni; the presentation of somewhat ambiguous statements in public places. I love stuff like this because it gets me thinking and that's one of the best things about street art.

I saw this piece by chance while going down in a lift from where I took the above photo. I don't think it is Bonom but it potentially could be. Isn't the placing and the monochrome colour scheme striking against all of the rooftops? I love finding pieces like this!

The Comic Book Route

These two wall murals are examples of comic book street art around Brussels. Unfortunately, I didn't know before/while I was there that you could go on tours or get a map that highlighted all 50 of these murals so that's a bit upsetting. However, the ones I did see were great and a really original idea. Because they are only on little parts of walls they're sometimes easy to miss but these two were right in the centre so passed them on a daily basis. The left pictures is an illustration by Francoi Schuiten; a Belgian comic book illustrator known for the drawing series Les Cites Obscures. The one on the right is obviously Herge and Tintin!

This is my last post in my little four part series on Brussels. I hope you have enjoyed it and maybe found some parts helpful! If any of you have been or are planning to go please leave some comments, I would love to share our experiences of Brussels! :)

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