Monday, 19 August 2013

Week in Pictures

The week before last was so busy that I didn't get a chance to sit down and blog! I've been spending my time wrapping presents, scrapbooking and making lists (oh and working, can't forget the bills need paying!) so I missed last weeks week in pictures. Although I was busy doing creative things I didn't really feel inspired to take any photos so I didn't force myself to show a half hearted week in pictures.

This week though captures quite a good week for me (creative wise anyway!) so here it is. If any of you have instagram I take a lot of these photo's from my account so head over there to follow me for photos as they happen.

1. Working on a present for a special event. More sneak peeks in the post below.
2. Gift wrapping a present goes beyond paper and sticky tape.
3. In Vogue We Trust 
4. Favourite type of mail
5. Oh heyy new Ombre hair!
6. Sunday walk with family
7. The coolest kid I know

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