Saturday, 24 August 2013

A Pre-Wedding Gift

 So it's exactly 2 weeks until my first flatmate and university friend gets married and I'm so excited for her! In honour of this little countdown I thought I would share the present I bought her a few weeks ago when she came down to visit me!

Isn't it just so cute?! I bought it from a lady on Ebay who makes all sorts of signs and goes by the username 07monkey (click here for a direct link to the product) and I couldn't recommend her enough. I would have made it myself but I just didn't have the materials to hand so sometimes it's OK to buy not DIY! 

I think things like this just add a little fun to the countdown and they can keep it as a reminder when they get to 0. I can't imagine how excited she is for her big day and I'm excited to see them both (the dress especially of course!) and celebrate with them. I've also been busy putting together what I think it quite a unique wedding gift so I'm hoping they will like it as much as I think they will!

Needles to say when she opened it she loved it, what bride wouldn't?

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