Friday, 2 August 2013

DIY Tutorial: Party bags (for adults!)

So although it was my Birthday a while back, I wanted to give my friends something for visiting for the weekend and coming out to celebrate my birthday. So I decided to make a good old fashioned party bag - with a twist!

When my friends and I are celebrating it usually involves plenty of cocktails and dancing in inappropriate shoes so I put together a little rescue bag for the next day when everyone is feeling a little weary from the night before! So here is how I  made them...

 Things you will need :

1. Brown paper lunch bags - I bought them from Ebay for about £2.00 for 10 including postage. Just search for paper bags, or any variant and you get loads of variety.
2. Sellotape and red duct/washi tape  - duct tape is really cheap and you can get the standard 5 colours from shops like Poundland.
3. Twine for your tags - Again I got mine from Ebay which was the cheapest I could find.
4. A Hole Punch
5. Your content -  This is what i put in my bags which I will explain a little later on but it's completely up to you what you want to fill them with!
6. Card - For your tags
7. Good scissors and Pen! - As always a general pencil case of essentials helps

Making the tags

It's quite straighforward really and by the photo above I don't really need to give much explanation! I made my tags in the traditional shape of a luggae label (albeit a bit wide!) but if you have a theme for your bags you could use different colours, paper of shapes. I just wanted to keep mine simple though.

This whole idea is quite tongue in cheek so I decided on using the phrase 'Help is at hand' to decorate the labels. I wanted it to give something away as to what might be inside without being too obvious. 

Finished tags

I wanted to keep it simple so I just used a fine liner and a little red felt tip to illustrate the tags. On the back I gave little hints as to what items were in the bags so as you can see it was all about speeding up our recovery.

What to put in your bag

It's completely up to you how you want to fill your good bags. For me, it was all about key things to make you feel better when you've been partying so I picked practical, yet funny things like the kids plasters. I picked some snacks and a carton of orange juice (got to get that Vitamin C in!) and of course painkillers because no-one likes a headache.

You're having a themed party you need to think about things that reflect your theme. Hen nights and baby showers would also be a good excuse to make these bags and it a nice way of giving back as people are often giving you lots of nice presents at times like that.

Putting it all together

Now you've got all of the components, you need to put it all together. Fill your bag with your goodies and fold the top over just enough so your tag isn't hanging too low. I used regular sellotape first to stick my bag down and label on because Washi tape and duct tape has a habit of not being very sticky so this will prevent everything coming undone.

 Finishing touches

The final part was adding the red cross. I picked this idea because the red cross is synonymous with helping people and the idea of rescue so I thought it was a novel way of decorating the bags. It also quickly decided my theme of being mainly red and white!

I don't mean to blow my own horn here but my friends loved them! Ok, so the snacks didn't even make it until the morning, most of the twirls were devoured quite quickly but they were all suprised as to me giving them presents when it was my Birthday. Want to be my friend huh? This won't be the last time I make 'alternative' party bags because I love the idea and the possabilities are endless!

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