Wednesday, 21 August 2013

DIY Tutorial: 5 Really Easy Gift Tags (that will still impress!)

 You could spend a small fortune on gift tags to match the paper you've bought but I have never really seen the point of buying expensive tags. It's far easier and cheaper to make tags and I always think it adds a nice personal touch to a present.

So I'm going to show you 5 really easy, quick ways of making gift tags!

 1. Matchy Matchy

I'm not saying that buying matching tags is always a bad thing, I have done it on occasions and I admit I love having everything nicely co-ordinated. However, many roles of paper don't come with tags so you're left to either find one similar but never quite right or make your own. Here I have just taken an off cut of the paper I used and cut out the age of the person who was receiving it and stuck if to a brown parcel tag (10 for 99p at The Works) If you don't want to do their age, just cut a shape in the paper and you get the same effect

2. Old Postcards

Know someone who is a keen traveller? Waving someone off on their travels? Dig out all of those postcards that you've bought from places over the years and cut them into tags.This may be easier for people like me who at one point when I was younger collected postcards from everywhere I went so I have quite a collection and have no other use for them! Travel catalogues mounted on card would also work just as well!

3.  Initials

This is the one that probably takes the longest but it's the most personal I think. I dug this photo out from last Christmas as each year I tend to have some sort of theme with my wrapping. This year was oversized letter tags! They are actually made from the year before crackers (I'm painting myself out to be a real hoarder here but I'm not I swear!) so I didn't need to pay for anything. If you aren't as thrifty (and weird) as me you can get metallic card in packs for a few pounds.

4. Recycling cards

I have done this since I was able to have control over my cards and mum didn't stash them away in the baby boxes! Christmas and Birthdays you get lots of lovely cards and more often than not I see people just picking out their nearest and dearest and chucking the rest. STOP! All of these lovely sentiments and pictures can be so easily made into quirky and professional looking tags.  I don't cut all of my cards up, I keep my family and closest friends but I think that if I can put them in the bin then I can definitely cut them up instead. Super easy and quick and you will have tags all year round!

5. The Personal Touch

Again using the trusty brown luggage tags, I dug out some stamps I have had for years (lower case and upper case alphabet for about £10 off amazon. I've had it so long I'm not sure the same one will be around now!) and for this example I showed you my name and a little strip of washi tape (Had to get that in there somewhere!) You don't have to just write names either you could write a whole message or seasonal greeting on it. These are quite rustic looking so look good with thrifty presents and interesting wrapping!

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