Friday, 23 August 2013

Whats on my bookshelf?

This weeks feature is what I like to call a coffee table book; one you can just pick up, flick through and then put back for another day and there's plenty to read. Author Kerry Miller has brought together the best selection of notes from, a website where people can submit notes they have left (or been left!) for us all to have a good laugh at!

I was given this book a few Christmas' ago  by one of my best friends and it's definitely my kind of book. Like any coffee table book you are going to get some gems and some bits that are not so good but I often found myself laughing out loud at people's notes. The thing that got me was the length people would go to to put their point across, some were borderline essays!

If you have ever left a note like this, gone to university or lived with people who annoy you I urge you to get this book or at least take a look at the website. And for all of you milk drinking, food stealing, non washing people out there...expect to continue to get notes like this!

To join in with the theme of this post, I thought I would share my flatmate's note that she left in final year of uni for our food thief! Out of a bag of six apples, this was the only one left that hadn't been stolen. I don't know whether it was the Disney post it or the underlining of 'my' but she kept her apple and she enjoyed it thoroughly!

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