Saturday, 3 August 2013

Whats on my Bookshelf?

Note: The book featured in this weeks Whats on my Bookshelf is of a sensitive nature. If you are sensitive/ don't ever read books about challenging topics I would advise you to read on with caution. I won't be graphic but I thought I would put it out there!

 Ok, so this is different from my usual kind of picture art book. I first got this book in my second year of uni after finally plucking up the courage to read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Despite the harrowing nature of the story, I enjoyed her writing so looked into what else she had written and found Lucky, a memoir by Sebold first published in 1999.
I had read the warnings online about it being graphic in places but for some reason I took the plunge and bought it and began to build up the courage to read it. Does anyone else have to do that when you're not sure how you will handle what you read but you feel compelled to read it? I do this a lot. I really shy away from anything gruesome and awful but sometimes I feel compelled to push myself into reading these sorts of books, probably as a way of trying to learn more.

Anyway, Sebold writes this memoir about her rape on the way home at the end of her Freshman year of College. The title Lucky comes from her reporting the incident to the police and the police officer said she was 'lucky' because a girl had previously been murdered in the same spot.

So what did I think? I think it's a really powerful book about an individuals determination to seek justice and make people aware of stories like this. It is tragic in places though and there were several times when I put it down and re-started it another day. The opening of the book is the worst part so if you can get through that (I admit, I skimmed as she goes into quite a lot of detail which isn't something I wanted to really read) then the rest of the book if worth powering through. 

It's definitely not an easy read but you may come away from it thinking and feeling a little bit differently, like I did. I recommend Sebold's books if you like good writing about heart wrenching topics. I thought it was a good read but it won't be for everyone.

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