Monday, 29 July 2013

DIY Tutorial: Personalised Stationary - Finishing touches!

 I forgot to show you all how I wrapped and delivered my stationary to my recipient!

 So as you can see the I wrapped the set of envelopes and note cards separately using a strip of everyday kitchen grease proof paper and some washi tape to seal it. It's as simple as that and it holds everything in place for when you wrap it.

I love wrapping presents in brown paper because it gives you the chance to be so creative with tags and ribbons and there's no clashing patterns and colour schemes to worry about. (Plus it's really cheap for a big roll!)

I got the Washi tape from eBay but the person who I bought it from doesn't seem to have it in their shop anymore. You can sometimes find this tape by searching or you can get similar things in ribbon but it's always nice when you're making a handmade gift to acknowledge this and this is a really easy, subtle way of doing it. The tag is one of many that I have made from bits of cardboard, packaging and old cards I've been given; I think this might have been an old tissues box that I recycled!

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