Friday, 12 July 2013

Whats on my bookshelf?

If you know me personally you will now that I have loved Rob Ryan since I first discovered his work back in 2007. The love affair with My Ryan and his amazing papercuts started when I discovered his first book This Is For You which I later received as a gift from my Boyfriend (there may or may not have been some subtle hints involved in influencing the purchase)

If you've never heard of Rob Ryan, Type his name into Google and I am almost certain you will recognise some of his work. He's worked with the likes of Vogue, Elle and Paul Smith. John Lewis also has a nice sized range of his products now so there's no excuse folks! 

Ok so maybe I'm a little bit more passionate about his work than is normal but if you've ever found an artist, designer, illustrator or maker that everytime you see their work you're amazed all over again, then you know exactly how I feel. 

When you open the book, the very first thing you see if a beautiful end paper and the phrase 'If you believe in love but find it difficult to explain - this if for you' and this really set the precedent of the book. Before I got it I thought it was just a series of papercuts but it tells a story of love between family and lovers. 

It's bold, it's uplifting and if you haven't guessed by now I love it!

Take a look at his website, Etsy and blog for more of his work.

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