Thursday, 25 July 2013

Belated Birthday Post

     So it's taken me a while to get round to doing this but I was away for pretty much my whole Birthday week and now I've been catching up with reality. I had the best week off, my uni friends came to visit, I visited my parents new house for the first time and enjoyed the lovely sunshine which never happens in England! So here are some of the lovely presents I got, I needed to share them because I'm so lucky! 

I'm not one for expensive jewellery with diamonds and things (unless it's rings perhaps!) so my friends know me well and get me cute, kitch jewellery. I love the bracelet that my cousin sent me and her little 4 year old picked it out....great taste already! I wore it pretty much all week seeing as though I was by the sea.

The earrings and necklace are both from one of my best friends and they're both Accessorize. I love taking photos so the cameras are pretty self explanatory and the necklace is just fab, it has these little wooden charms on it like you can see in the picture and goes with so much!

 My best friend from uni and who I lived with for the whole time knows me so well! Firstly she bought me a MAC red lipstick which I haven't photographed but I will never be able to afford to buy a MAC lipstick for myself and she knows this. Then she buys me this VOGUE postcard set which I love so much I won't be able to use and am going to jut keep them all for myself!

 From my regular feature Whats on my bookshelf? it's safe to say that I love books and everyone knows this so Birthdays and Christmas I always get plenty of books! The ones on the left are both from my Boyfriend. the top one is by Swiss Comedian and Artist Ursus Wehrli who loves to put everything in (his) order. This book made me laugh out loud at the extent he goes to to put things in painstaking order, I guess it reminds me of my own artwork at university so I can relate to this compulsion to do such things! The one below is Making Mini books by Kathleen McCafferty and so far I've only flicked through it a few times but there's loads of projects I want to try out and will be showing them here when I make them! If you're into book making, get this book!

On the right are the smaller, story books I was given. I've already read 2 of them already while I was relaxing in the sunshine so they are worth the read.

1. This cute little book is from my best friend and it's a collection of some of the cutest animal pictures I've ever seen with a running story about friendship throughout. Super cute!
2. The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf is the first one I read while away and I couldn't put it down. It's her debut novel and if you're a fan of Jodi Picoult then you will love this too as it has a similar narrative from many different characters perspectives. 
3. Sirens by Tom Reynolds is the book that inspired the Channel 4 programme Sirens which was on a while ago, did anyone else watch that? I thought it was a really good show so I wanted to read the book behind it which is written by a Paramedic in the UK and the things that happen on the job.
4. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is the other book I read straight away. If you want a good cry, this is the book for that! Without giving too much away it's about a girl who begins working for a quadriplegic and it tells the story of their relationship. It broke my heart, it really did!

I will soon be doing features on all of these books for Whats on my bookshelf? so if you want to know more then check back soon!

Here are a few pictures from my week away and all of the lovely places I visited...

In the above square there are photos from my actually Birthday which I spent in Scarborough. We found this amazing little street with murals all over the buildings and Luna Park, as is most of Scarborough is a bit of a time warp in places! British seaside at it's best.

The square below shows mainly Filey and the walk along the clifftops that we took. I felt a real sense of calm while I was there which I haven't felt in a while, perhaps it felt homely to be back up north.The final photo on the bottom right is York Station which I love. I had to wait nearly an hour here to get a connecting train but it's probably one of the nicest station out of London.

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