Thursday, 30 May 2013

Whats on my bookshelf?

If there's one thing I really love it's books. I love discovering new authors or books through reviews and recommendations from people so I've decided to introduce a new feature to my blog: Whats on my bookshelf?

The first book I've chosen to share with you all is called 'Everything is going to be OK' by Chronicle books ( I'm warning you now, If you're like me you will spend a long time and probably a lot of money on this site!)

The book is collection of uplifting, positive messages for those moments when moaning gets too much and everything isn't going to plan. Featuring brilliant artists such as Katie Daisy, Amy Borrell and Enormous Champion ,it's colourful, lighthearted and often witty. So on these days where the sky is grey and work is looming, grab this book and remember, everything really will be OK.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Week in Pictures

1. New read by Joy Cho owner of the Blog Oh Joy! Must have.
2. Growing collection of washi tape
3. New novelty socks
4. Playground time
5. Presents my mum sends me through the post
6. Picking the colour scheme for my Blog
7. Selfie

Friday, 10 May 2013

DIY Tutorial: Personalised Anniversary Present

Today I'm going to show you how I made this personalised Anniversary present for my recent 6 year Anniversary. I had seen similar ones online that were really expensive so I decided to make my own one which overall cost me about £10. It doesn't have to just be for an anniversary either - birthdays, travelling momentos or gifts for friends & family would also work well!


 Things you will need:

1. Several maps 
2. Box frame (This one is from Wilkinsons. Ikea also do good box frames)
3. Glue (PVA will do!)
4.  Double sided tape or sticky pads I got mine here
5. Pens, pencils and scrap paper (To make a template)
6. A good pair of scissors

You need to decide who your present is for and what the occasion is because this will determine the places you pick. I made a list of all of the places we had travelled to or lived in while we've been together. If you don't have many places in mind, make your hearts bigger and have fewer. Similarly, if you have lots of locations that you want to include, you can have lots of hearts and play around with the design. It's completely up to you!


 Once you have your list of places you need to collect your maps! I already had a small collection which I had picked up from charity shops and ebay. I wouldn't recommend buying them new from shops as they are expensive and look too new and clean for the handmade look you want. One of the important things when you are selecting your maps is to make sure that the locations you want aren’t on the fold or the edge of the page! For me this meant having a few maps of the same locations which also helps with the style and variety of the hearts.

 Make a template 
Take your scrap paper and draw the shape than you want your maps to be cut out in. For me a heart was the obvious choice because it was an anniversary present but circles, triangles or even stars would also work.  By this point you should have an idea as to how many shapes you are making and how they will fit into your frame.

Practice first!

If you have bought maps especially for this project you don't want to make a mistake and waste them do you? I recommend that you use the template to cut out a set of practice shapes first so you can lay it out and see how it will look in the end.


Making your shapes

Now you're finally at the stage of making your 'real' shapes. Personally, I think it looks best if the name of the place is roughly in the middle of your shape so I drew around the template in pencil first to check that I had it central. 


 Now that you have your shapes ready, stick them onto white card to strengthen them when they are raised off of the paper. I also cut a white square for the background as the frame came with a dark coloured background which wouldn't work.


 I wanted my hearts to stand off of the background so I considered using foam board but it's quite expensive and hard to cut into round shapes with a scalpal. So I came across this double sided tape for the bargain price of £1.99 which was quite thick so I decided to use that. 

If you are sticking your hearts straight onto the background it's not essential you do this and you can skip this step!

The finished product.

Once you've stuck them down, be careful when putting it in the frame and hang it on your wall or wrap it up ready to give as a present! 

Let me know how yours turns out!